There are three simple chat rules:

  1. Stay friendly
  2. Stay classy
  3. No drama.


  • Feeding the trolls
  • Spamming the chat
  • Being rude or mean to anyone, including Trolls
  • Backseat gaming and or unwanted problem solving
  • Bot┬áSpam filter includes the following:
    • Excessive CAPS
    • Long messages
    • Too many symbols


  • Using foul language (anything that Nightbot or Twitch would censor)
  • Chatting or following with a account name containing foul language
  • Your first message in chat is CLASSIC troll material while it’s Troll Hour (including but not limited to: saying the audio is broken, proclaiming you are new to the stream, complimenting Fifty on his appearance, asking Fifty his age, your first comment is not a simple hello).

Troll Hour

Trolls travel in packs. When they arrive the Ban Hammer swings wildly and sometimes there are unfortunate casualties.

Ban Recovery

If you get banned and believe it in error please send a polite unban request via Twitch or Twitter.

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